FAIM Marketing is a full service Marketing Company in San Jose, CA. FAIM was created to help small business owners grow their businesses. FAIM Marketing since then has evolved to also helping musicians, artists and other entrepreneurs market their passion

1. SEO Consulting

We know SEO.More importantly we don’t make promises we can’t keep, getting to the top of search results is not an overnight process but we have the right strategies to boost your visibility immediately. With the right tools and game plan your site will start showing up on your customer’s browser. Best of all we show you the progress of your rankings and teach you how to track your analytics.

2.Social Media Marketing--

As you have probably noticed Social Marketing in California is kind of a big deal. Sometimes it gets a little frantic trying to keep up with all the Social Media, no worries we could help with that. We have all the right tools and knowledge to make your Social Media Marketing effective. We’ll work as a team to post the right content that will get your phone ringing.

3.Marketing Plans

This is where it all the magic happens. Most entrepreneurs will have a business plan but so many go without a Marketing Plan which is just as important. A Marketing Plan is the foundation of business goals, that is why we help produce plans that are tailored to your business. Every plan we produce covers marketing A-Z, its all the ingredients needed to make you successful. Your plan will include a couple hours of consulting where we review everything in detail.Most of the time we produce a marketing plan for a business or an individual they are overwhelmed with all the awesome guidance we provide. What people like most is that there are so many marketing tactics they could implement themselves. The amount of hours put into every plan are extensive, we do hours of research to customize the plan for you.

Here are just a few things that the plan includes:

-Your Current Marketing Analytics

-Market/Competition Comparison

-Keyword Suggestions

-Sales Strategy

-Marketing Tracking

-CRM Solutions


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